Top Tips for securing your Dream Home

If you are browsing properties on the market and have a property to sell. It is a good idea to prepare your house for the market and contact local agents to get a valuation and put your house on the market.

It is advisable to contact your mortgage broker or bank to ascertain how much you can borrow. It is favourable to have a mortgage promise or mortgage in principle. Be aware that some mortgage offers have expiry dates so always double check with your broker or bank the terms of any Mortgage Offer.

It’s a good idea if there are several properties of interest to contact the selling agent and arrange a viewing ideally in the same week so you can compare the properties.

Research the areas you want to live, check out Street View, local schools and amenities. Do a drive around to get a feel for the neighbourhood or street.

If you are extremely interested in a property you have viewed, it’s a good idea to formally note your interest through your solicitor. Most solicitors do not charge for this and should not as it is a simple process of phoning on your behalf and recording for file. The reason for this is that, in terms of the Property Ombudsman Code of Practice, if you have formally noted interest, you have a right to be made aware of any activity on the property i.e. closing dates that have been set to give you the chance to offer. Never disclose in the event of a closing date your bid price, only to your solicitor.

Always ensure if the offer is subject to a sale, this is a strict condition of the offer as you do not want to commit to a purchase until the contract on your sale is legally binding.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, most agents, even if they do not have the answer readily available, they can find out.


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