When is the best time to sell my home?

A question, I get asked all the time is "Is it a good time to sell?.

I have highlighted in my experience the patterns of the market and seasons in helping you decide when it is a good time to sell your property.

Best time to sell

Spring comes out on top as the best time to sell. The reason for this is people are not yet away for their Summer Holidays or even thought about Christmas Celebrations and Shopping. Another factor which makes Spring a good time to sell is externally, your house will look better as any garden ground will be coming into bloom and the sun (hopefully) is out for longer.

Summer is not an ideal time to sell as a lot of people go away on holiday and if your target buyer is a family, take into account the school holidays, keeping the kids amused and child care.

Autumn is a good time to sell, if the weather is good, your home will still look good and there are no major holidays to contend with. If you decide to sell in Autumn, you have to be prepared to move quick if you get a buyer as after October the market tends to slow down.

Winter can be a difficult time to sell, in the run up to Christmas, buyers tend to look for below market value properties so if you are selling, in terms of maximising your sale price, it may not be as achievable in the Spring or Autumn.

Most importantly before you sell, Prepare and Present. Take the time to fix any defects in your property, you don't have to spend thousands but you should take the time to spruce the property up within budget as this will without a doubt, sell your home quicker and maximise your sale price.

You can check out Elle Marie's Top Tips for Selling your Home.

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