Latest UK House Price Index shows increase for Scottish Property Market

Good News for the Scottish Property Market following the latest publication of the UK House Price Index.

The report concludes that the average price of a property in Scotland in June 2016 shows an increase of 4.6 per cent on the previous year 2015 and an increase of 2.7 per cent when compared to the previous month of May 2016.

Concentrating on the geographical area of Renfrewshire Elle Marie Property operates, below is the figures for the volume of residential sales per month. This is showing strong growth following on the Land Tax Changes in April with July's monthly volume of sales sitting at the highest figure compared to previous months.

March 2016 - 275

April 2016 - 331

May 2016 - 257

June 2016 - 310

July 2016 - 340

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