PAISLEY 2021 BID will breathe fresh life and create opportunities within Renfrewshire

As we are a Local Online Estate Agent serving Renfrewshire, it's only right that we publish and support local campaigns that will bring so many benefits especially to young people within our community. Here are some Key Points regarding the Paisley 2021 Bid

#Paisley2021, supported by Paisley's finest #PaoloNutini


Paisley's bid for UK City of Culture 2021 is part of a wider push to use the town's unique cultural and heritage assets to transform its future. Winning the 2021 culture title will have significant benefits:

  • It will create the equivalent of 4,700 jobs over the next decade and boost the local economy by £172m, leaving a lasting legacy for all of Renfrewshire;

  • It means a programme of major events and world-class culture, bringing an estimated 1.7m attendances in 2021;

  • It will bring much-needed footfall and boost our plans to build a new long-lasting town centre economy with culture, heritage, events and tourism at its heart;

  • About The Bid | Paisley 2021 For UK City of CultureStartFragment

  • Involvement in culture is proven to be good for people's health and well-being. Our 2021 year will offer culture for all, and create opportunities for everybody in Renfrewshire to access those benefits;


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