First Impressions Count

DID YOU KNOW that the majority of buyers make a decision within the first 30 seconds of viewing a property.

This reaffirms that KERB APPEAL is absolutely crucial when selling your property.

When an agent carries out a valuation, their appraisal starts the second they approach the property taking into account everything they see visually from the entrance gates to the length of the grass.

At Elle Marie Property, we have always preached that small things make a BIG difference. From research, we have listed tips to enhance your kerb appeal, not only are our tips low cost, some of them wont cost you a penny!! Just some manual labour!!

1. Paint and Clean Front Door

2. Add external lighting

3. Tidy up approach to the front door

4. Clean Windows - add some sparkle

5. Number and/or name a front door

6. Add greenery, hanging baskets or potted plants

7. Spruce up the façade

8. Paint/repair external fencing

9. Tidy up bin store area if visible

10. Enhance, enhance, enhance!!

These small steps go a long way

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